By 1612-13, when King James I was on the throne, Cenarth mill and fishery
together brought in a rent of 100s. In that year James made a grant of his lands in Emlyn Uwch Cych to Sir Richard Grobham and John Howe. The tenants owed extensive services where the mill and weir were concerned e.g. carrying timber for repairs, thatching, repairing the weir and clearing the sluices etc., and Thomas John Gwynne of Gellidywyll mansion stated in 1628 that the mill stones for Cenarth had been carried by the tenants from St. Clears, twelve miles distant.

By 1630 a lot of the land in Emlyn Uwch Cych, including the mill and weir, had passed into the hands of the Vaughn family of Golden Grove. By John Vaughn they were subsequently devised to Lord Cawdor who only disposed of them recently.

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