After over two centuries of resistance, the final defeat of the Welsh came with the Edwardian conquest, the death of Llewellyn the Last and the statue of Rhuddlan in 1284. The shires of Carmarthen and Cardigan were now to constitute the Crown Lands of West Wales, administered by the Justiciar of West Wales at Carmarthen castle. So did King Edward I become Lord of the Manor of Cenarth. Subsequently in 1301 he granted to his eldest son, then of age, the entire lands of the crown in Wales, conferring on him the title Prince of Wales. Thus, in turn, the first Prince of Wales became Lord of the Manor of Cenarth. All the feudal dues were now paid to the Justiciar at Carmarthen and in 1298 Cenarth mill and weir were farmed out at a rent of33s. 4d.

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