Fish traps continued to be used at Llechryd until they were destroyed by the Rebecca Rioters in 1843 but at Cenarth they seem to have disappeared before 1807 when S.R. Meyrick wrote the following description: "Close to the cataract there is a pool, in circumference about twelve yards, formed by the projection of the rock, where the water making an eddy, is not so much agitated as by its fall above; and here the salmon, when foiled by his attempt to mount the cataract, as it were, takes rest and is often taken by a man with a spoon net on a long pole; for which privilege he pays to the Rev. David Rogers, on whose estate this leap is, about thirty pounds a year". The spoon net was still being used about the middle of the last century by William Griffiths, better known by his bardic name of Gwilym Gloff Glan Teifi (lame William from the banks of the Teifi).

Meyrick also commented that because of fishing without restraint during the spawning season, the price of salmon had gone up from a penny or three farthings a fish, forty years previously, to an inflated sixpence to a shilling a pound in his own day.

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